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This presentation is a review of Gordon Casper´s work. I am presenting here all my work I have been working on recently or currently am. Majority of projects were created due to educational purposes and only a few were meant for market use or created on demand.

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My work is divided into 3 groups of development:

My main focus

Low level programming

C / C++

Win32 API

Website development





FLASH / ActionScript

Raster or vector graphics and photography


My progression

Basics of HTML I tried to learn when I was 13 producing my first personal website that I put on free webhosting. Since then HTML was not enough and so leaning some CSS was not a bad idea. A few years later as I tried to develop more my knowledge JavaScript and PHP/MySQL got into my way.

Every website is desperately in need of good design. Without design the website is kind of useless. With my first attempts of a website I tried to make some designs through using Adobe software. Program that really dazzled me was Cinema 4D (release 6 at that time). A 3D modeling software used by professional animators that is known world wide and has the power of imitating anything you can imagine. I have done some work in it too, but only for fun.

Starting point of my programming in C++ for platform Win32 was approximately 2007 / 03. Back than I had some experience with JavaScript and PHP therefore moving on to a more sophisticated language was a recommended step in order to push myself forward.

At age of 18 or so I also tried to do some minor work in Flash. I found it extremely easy and fun to do since it has very nice user interface and does imazing things only through a few lines of code.

Last but not least I enjoy taking snap shots. Wouldn’t consider myself a professional photographer god forbid, but if I have a camera in my hand I tend to catch moments or the beauty of abstract.